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Drea Edwards

Author, Connector, Creator

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Drea Edwards writes fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry, and delivers writing workshops both in person and online. She writes about finding connection in a disconnected world, complex relationships, and the worthwhile journey back to ourselves. Nature is a source of inspiration and magic for her work. 


Drea has spent over three decades in business leadership roles, including as founder of consulting and coaching firm, SwiftRiver Associates, where she coaches women to to connect with their truest selves and achieve their personal and professional dreams. Ages ago, Drea earned her undergraduate degree in English Literature from Boston University.  In keeping with her deep belief that it’s never too late to begin again, she recently earned an MFA in Creative Writing from the Maslow Family Graduate Program at Wilkes University.


A native New Englander originally from Brockton, Massachusetts (the City of Champions), Drea and her husband divide time between winters in MA & RI and summers at their crooked off-grid cabin in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where she sits on rocks and befriends old trees.  Her deepest desire is to share words and stories that are valuable to others, contributing to a more connected world.

You can find Drea's most recent published work in The Avalon Literary Review. She's currently seeking representation for her first novel, a story  in which three generations of women, each deeply suffering behind their façades, must find a way back to their family’s mystical legacy – despite living with secrets and lies for so long, they’ve forgotten what’s real.

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“Truly, we live with mysteries too marvelous to be understood.” -

Mary Oliver, “Mysteries, Yes”

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